Finding Your Motivation

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Staying motivated is key to accomplishing your goals. Keeping the motivation up can become a little tricky, so how do some of us exactly manage to stay motivated?

Find the good reason behind what you are doing. If you’re stuck with something you don’t like and can’t find any motivation to complete it you need to find a good reason.

Staying Motavated

Here a few ways to find that good reason:

Treat yourself– every time you get one step closer to completing your task go out and reward yourself!

Personal Gain – you learn something new every day! Or maybe you could improve yourself in a certain way by taking on new challenges to get one step closer to your goal.

Feeling Accomplished – you’ll walk away feeling great about finding the motivation and courage to complete such a tedious task.

One Step Closer to Your Goal – some of the biggest accomplishments start small and rely on far less pleasant tasks than you might be working on. Every task you complete brings you one step closer to your ultimate goal, and acknowledging it will always make you feel good about yourself.

When you get stuck and something doesn’t feel right try taking a different approach. You might be doing things the correct way, but it might not be the most motivational way. Try tweaking up your routine a little bit, there’s always more than one way of completing something. Keep trying until you find that certain way that works best for you to keep you motivated and give you the best results. Make things fun! Find a way to make your task into something interesting and fun to do. You can make things fun with just about anything.

Take a step back and recognize what you’ve completed so far. Recognizing is taking the time to look at the bigger picture and seeing where you are. Looking back at these steps helps you recognize the progress you’ve already made!