Any Way You Want It

A few treats made with Premier Protein, and two tetra bottle of Premier Protein.

There’s a Premier for You!

We hear you. Life is busy. Fitting everything you need into your already-packed schedule can feel overwhelming. At Premier Protein, we want to take one thing off your plate. We’re here to supply you with ample protein-- a key nutrient your body needs. Whatever your routine, Premier is there and ready to assist you.

Grab and Go: What you need—on demand. Your lifestyle doesn’t allow for slowdowns, but that doesn’t mean you should go hungry. With our shakes, getting 30 g of protein and 24 vitamins and minerals is as simple as shaking and opening. For a frothy, frozen treat, simply pour it in the blender with some ice, and in less than a minute you’ll have the consistency of a real milkshake.

Breakfast Boost: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and also one of the very best times to consume protein. There are so many ways to enjoy Premier Protein. Blend it into a smoothie and reap the rewards of your daily dose of fruits & veggies at the same time. Stir it into Overnight Oats for a filling start. Read more high-protein breakfast hacks here.

Ooh La Latte: For your mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up, add Premier Shakes to your coffee in place of creamer. It’s thick and luscious, super low in sugar, and delivers that rich decadent flavour you crave. Feeling fancy? Go all-in with this Lavender Latte.

Guilt-Free Indulgence: You guessed it—protein for dessert. Hide your protein—from your family, from your partner, from yourself. Fold shakes or protein powders into dessert recipes and you just might forget that what you’re filling up on is protein. How about a Tres Leches Cake where one of those leches is Vanilla Premier Protein Shake? Or a warm Cinnamon Apple Cake where protein is the secret ingredient? Or a pudding where you can satisfy your chocolate craving and your macros in the same serving?

The Power of Powder: Premier Protein Powder is your secret weapon. You can mix it into pretty much anything, transforming your go-to snacks and drinks into protein powerhouses. Blend it. Mix it. Bake it. Even sprinkle it into popcorn (Trust us, you don’t want to miss that one). What to try first? The choice is yours.

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