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Have you heard? The first official day of Summer is also National Smoothie Day.

A coincidence? I think not. There could not be a more apt pairing. The hottest days of the year are ahead of us, all the best fruits and veggies are coming into season, and one of the tastiest things you can do is throw them into a blender for a healthy treat that cools you down.

So when is the best time to drink your smoothie?

There’s more than one! You can tweak the recipe based on your needs. Now here’s the genius of a smoothie: you can load it down with all the good things your body craves: vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein . . . and still have it hit the notes your tastebuds crave.

Start the Day Right

Morning is an ideal time for a smoothie. You’re probably already multitasking with little chance of sitting down at the kitchen table, so it makes sense to drink your breakfast at the same time. Break the fast with all the good stuff: fruit, veggies, protein . . . pretty much all those morning must-haves can be included here. If you’re making this your whole breakfast, keep in mind you’re going to need some substantive things in there (not just fruit) to fill you up and fuel your day.

Add this: raw oats, chia or flax seeds, Greek yogurt, or the nut butter of your choosing will help your breakfast smoothie keep your hunger away. Where to start? Try out this fruity yet filling blueberry smoothie!

Post-Exercise Pick-Me-Up

Another perfect time for a smoothie is after a workout. Your body is craving hydration and protein. Muscle protein breaks down during physical activity, and goes into recovery mode immediately after as it builds and repairs. Seize this opportunity to give your body the protein it’s craving.

  • Protein powder or shakes, nut butters, and Greek yogurt can be combined for an extra protein boost.
  • This Amazing Almond Smoothie packs a double protein punch.

The second key point: hydrate! Your body has just turned much of its water supply into sweat, so it is time to replenish those cells.

  • Watermelon and cucumber are extremely hydrating ingredients because of their high water content.
  • Adding a half dozen ice cubes will cool you down and re-hydrate your body.

A Game-Changing Snack

Having a smoothie between meals is a great way to get in your veggies for the day. After all, isn’t a cool, blended drink infinitely more appealing than a plate of raw veggies?

  • Fresh kale and spinach are always great ingredient choices—they are nutrient-dense, packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. This Spinach and Kiwi Smoothie is refreshing and filling—the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.
  • You may have noticed—celery is having a moment right now. This previously-overlooked and underestimated vegetable is getting all sorts of attention for its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to flush toxins out of your body, digestive superpowers, and many other attributes. Add a few stalks to your smoothie and reap the rewards.
  • Other good options for smoothie fillers: cooked sweet potato, avocado, and even cauliflower. Just be sure to balance out those veggies with something with big flavor, like nut butter or your favorite fruits.

Quench the Craving

If you have a sweet tooth or find yourself craving sweets in the middle of the day, a smoothie can be a great solution to achieve the balance of getting your sweet fix, while still staying on track. For chocoholics, add chocolate protein powder or a chocolate protein shake to your smoothie for a frothy, frozen treat that drinks like a milkshake (Is there any better combo than chocolate and banana?!)

While we’re on the subject of great flavor combos, you might want to add this Caramel-Apple Smoothie to your repertoire immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Get that blender out and let your creativity run wild! Share your creation with us on Instagram @premierprotein.

Smoothie ProTips:

-- Freeze your bananas and you can avoid using ice for maximum flavor concentration.

--When a fruit in your fruit basket starts to get a little past its prime, wash it, freeze it, and throw it in your next smoothie.

--Add spinach or kale to every smoothie. Other flavors easily hide their taste, and they are loaded with the vitamins and fiber your body needs.

--Add grated ginger or fresh mint leaves to any fruit or veggie smoothie for a refreshing twist.